How To Avoid & Report Scams On Interracial Dating Sites?

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avoid interracial dating scamsNot all interracial dating sites deliver the same quality. Since there are tons of interracial dating sites out there, you may come across a scam or two. The things about niche dating site are that the participants' number is growing from year to year, opening a chance for scammers and fraudsters to use the situation for their own benefits. And if your concern about the safety and security features, there are few things to consider to avoid scams. Here are how to spot them.

Befriended for benefits

One of the most common modus operandi of scammers is the “friends with benefits”. They want to be friends with you to gain certain benefits. Not like the real person in interracial dating sites, you will only meet them online. They will use fake names, fake profiles, and fake everything. They will refuse to meet in person. Instead, they will talk to you all the time and be a good listener. Then suddenly, they ask you “You won’t believe what I’m going to tell you. My grandma died yesterday and I have no money to go back to my hometown. Could you lend me some? I swear I will pay it back after receiving the allowance.”

Travel Airfare

Some members are located so far away from your home. And when you and the other party want to meet, there will be things like paying airfare. Again, the scammers will use a fake name, fake photos, and probably fake gender. They claim to live in different town or country. They tell you how much they love you and they are willing to meet you as long as you pay the airfare. Well, you could transfer them money, and they will never meet you there.

They seem too busy

Scammers are not only focusing on one victim. They will be totally idiot if they don’t have the backup plan (other victims). You will know that something is off when you contact the other party using the interracial dating sites chat software. They are often late to reply your message. They said that they are quite preoccupied with their works. But in reality, they are chatting with other victims.

Ask you to communicate out of the dating site

They make the profile look so legit and tell you that they want to know you more but in more intimate means of communication such as email, or Facebook messenger. Don’t even get tempted to do it. Scammers will lure you to get out of the dating site and will use every means possible to con you.

How to report scammers?

Reporting scammers is very easy. For instance, if you detect a scammer in afroromance site, you could contact their customer support via Live Chat, Phone, or e-Mail.

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